"Christmas: I Saw Mummy..." T-Shirt




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A fun, funky & distinct dog t-shirt. Made from high quality, fine knit gauge, 100% cotton and features a cotton-flex ''Christmas: I Saw Mummy...'' design.

Body Length Example Breeds
S 8'' to 10'' Chihuahua,Chinese Crested, Yorkshire terrier
M 10'' to 12'' Maltese, Mini Pinscher, Pomeranium, Toy Poodle
L 12'' to 14'' Shih Tzu, Mini Poodle, Jack Russell, Pekingnese, Pug, Cavalier King Charles
XL 14'' to 16'' Westie, Bichon Frise, Cocker Spanial, Lhasa Apso, Mini Schnauzer,French Bulldog
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